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Super frothy crema

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  • Super frothy crema

    So I have always though that stacks of crema was a sign of 'jumping the gun' with your freshly roasted beans (ie excessive co2 still in the beans - not enough time to degass)
    But lately I have been very disciplined and waited a good week - and it's still pretty much all crema! (of course it does settle and result in the correct amount of coffee)
    The beans are 2.5 weeks old now (this bag only opened a few days ago) and the shot is pure frothy crema. It's a good colour (ie not really dark and not blonde).

    I have a coretto setup.
    The beans this time are Nicaragua HGB but all the Ethiopian beans I've been roasting lately have done it too...

    Could it have anything to do with using slightly old green beans??

    Obviously I'm focussing on the roasting side of things... but I am open to what I might be doing wrong on the espresso side of things too...

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Andrew
    With fresh beans that have rested (1-3 weeks) you should get bucket loads of crema (I get about 90% at the start, then settling to about 25% by volume). Very early on (in the first couple of days) it will tend to 'explode' out of the PF, looking like a terrible gusher but then not giving much liquid once the brew has settled.
    I have not had any type of bean in my own roasting journey that doesn't give great crema - one of the many joys of home roasting!



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      hmmm... yes well it's certainly no bad thing to have loads of crema! I have worked in cafes using fresh beans and not experienced it to the same extent in that setting. The cafe was always using a blend though...


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        What Designing said goes for me too.



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          Cool... well glad to hear that's 'normal'! Just wasnt sure if I was doing something wrong... I think it seems to happen a little more with slightly darker roasts too... which is maybe why the general cafe blend doest have the foamy crema (usually a lighter roast)


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            Same situation for me, crema=good :-)