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New Cooling Tray for the man with a larger roast.

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  • New Cooling Tray for the man with a larger roast.

    The last few weeks i have had an idea going thorough my head.

    I had an issue with roasting 500g in a cooling drum (see old cooling drum),
    when i tipped the beans into the cooling tray, then placed them into the drum, they sat on top of each other and therefore took a while to cool down.
    I thought the beans should be spread out to allow them to cool down faster.

    I found and bought a $15 steel mesh hamper/tray and some stainless hinges($5) from bunnings.

    I made a lid to mount the fan and also installed 2 more fans at the sides to help a little bit.

    It didn't take too long to make, so decided to add some optional extras.
    These included;
    Castor wheels ( about $4 each) to help with shaking and moving the tray.
    a power supply to my rotisserie motor.

    Cooled down 500g in no time ( sorry did not have a timer running,) and did not have a single spillage because it was all contained in the tray.

    This tray is also doubles as storage for my roasting gear when not in use.

    Plan to improve air flow by covering the sides that the fans aren't mounted to direct more airflow downwards.

    Overall very happy with the outcome and plan to roast up to 1 kg soon.
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    New Cooling Tray for the man with a larger roast.

    Looking real nice,
    The top fan looks like it blows air into the box, what are the side fans doing?


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      Thank you,

      The side fans also blow air in,

      i plan to direct them downwards on a slight angle, and cover the sides up so the bottom is the only mesh visible.


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        Very nice work i was just thinking about building a Cooling tray as I had my second attempt at roasting today I might include some of your ideas in to the desighn