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Roast monitor software - different data logger

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  • Roast monitor software - different data logger

    Morning all,
    I have an Omega data logger that I would like to run with the roast monitor software. Does anyone know what line I need to change so it is recognised as it still looks for the old data logger.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Unless someone chimes in that its possible, I don't think the CS roast logger is compatible with Omega DMMs?

    I base this on the fact that the Victor 86B DMMs that most people here use has this horrible closed "HDI API" implementation for the USB reading (it sends a hex string with the value of the actual... I'm going to say "liquid crystal display blocks" to the laptop which is then decoded, yuck!) and I don't think other DMMs do this. Hence why the CS logger is seemingly the only one that supports the Victor DMMs. But the question is if the CS logger has a driver forthr Omega and I think it doesn't...

    In any case you can use Artisan as an alternative, pretty sure that supports Omega.


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      It does and I am using it now but having to re-learn after initially using the victor (is that who makes the little yellow units?) up until now.
      Will watch for any responses while continuing with the artisan.....