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Coffee beans only tan in colour after roasting

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  • Coffee beans only tan in colour after roasting

    I grow my own coffee beans, have just purchased the Behmor 1600 coffee roaster, tried it using P1 my beans are light to golden tan when finished 8:30 min of roasting time, I did hear it crack but not sure if it was 1st or 2nd crack can you reroast beans or not.

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    how much coffee are you roasting in a batch elizabeth?


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      We all have a slightly different impression of "tan", so where on this scale does it look to be ..
      CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay

      There are mixed opinions about when and how to re-roast and whether you should even bother in the first place. Search for re-roast or reroast in the upper right hand side of screen.

      You can't necessarily judge a bean roast by colour, especially without knowing something about the bean type. Having said that, pictures would be good. Most of us would like to see your bean's journey from tree to cup!

      If you got to first crack, you probably have something drinkable. You might need to try different coffee drink styles (milk, no milk, long etc), different extraction methods (plunger, espresso etc) and different rest times but that's the story with some beans and roasts anyway.

      As lemoo has already mentioned, tell us more about the roast including all the behmor settings.

      If I actually grew the beans themselves with my own hands, I'd definitely want to drink them one way or another.


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        light to golden tan beans

        Originally posted by lemoo View Post
        how much coffee are you roasting in a batch elizabeth?
        I used 1/4 pound


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          hmm, i've never tried roasting such a small batch before

          the smallest batch i roast is 200g using the 1/2 pound program.

          possibly beans not getting up to temp? you could try preheating the behmor before hand


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            I did preheated the behmor before roasting, it might be that the beans not dry enough, it was about 2 months from when they were first dried to when I roasted them. The behmer has three different batch settings 1/4, 1/2 and 1 pound. I ground the beans to try the flavour and it was very bitter, our coffee trees are starting to flower again, will leave dry a little longer then roast longer, hope that works


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              Couple other questions.
              Are you using an extension cord?
              Or if power isnt great at your place you can set the behmor to 230v which should make it be able to get up to temps easier (you hold the C button as you turn it on for 230v. It will come up on the screen. D should be 240v)

              You can try adding time too.

              I recently got my behmor and i have been doing 312g on P2 and B.
              Seem to get 1st crack around 15mins in and hit cool about 1min 30 after 1st crack and am getting some good results so far!


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                In the interests of eliminating variables I'd be looking to try and roast some green beans from here on BeanBay or similar and comparing the results. +1 for no extension cord and 200g on 1/2 P2 B as a baseline. This should get you to 2nd crack without issue on non-exotic beans that are well processed and stored.


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                  I think you guys are giving advice to an empty space.
                  The OP has not been back to the forum since her last post above - over three months ago.

                  But in the interests of accuracy the extension cord myth ( in Aus ) has been de-bunked many times, on this and other forums.

                  But here it is again. A standard 2.5 mm extension cord has a voltage drop of approximately 20mV per Amp per meter.

                  So if we had a cord that was 50 metres long there will be a 1 volt drop along the cord for each amp of current being drawn.

                  A Behmor will draw less than 7 amps MAX, so a 50m lead would only drop about 7 volts and a 5m lead less than 1 volt.