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Upgraded BBQ Roaster

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  • Upgraded BBQ Roaster

    I was lying awake on Saturday morning, could not sleep, thinking about how to improve my roaster.
    (I need Help!)

    The issue that was bothering me was the opening on my roaster was too small,
    This caused frustrations when pouring the beans in and also getting them out and into the cooler as quickly as possible.

    I entered my shed after breakfast and did not come out until dinnertime.

    What i came up with was to cut a large hinged section into one side of the drum,
    i then offset the drum on the rotisserie to make the beans move from side to side while turning.

    I trialed the roaster and was more than happy with the results.
    I now place a tray under the drum on completion and the beans all fall out into a tray and pop them straight into the cooling tray in under a minute.

    However if anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of the spring i am using to hold the latch down, at the moment i am using long nose pliers to pull the spring off.
    I need to replace it with something that is quick to release
    and wont have any chance of opening while the roast is in progress,
    Any assistance would be a great help.

    If anyone has photos of a setup, that would be an added bonus.

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    Two options come to mind. The simplest would be a lug or two. The little things which are sometimes used to secure flyscreens on windows.

    The item shown would need filing down, then it/they could be mounted on the of the holes next to the door. Get your friction right using a locknut then twist (still using pliers) to open.

    The other suggestion would be using an over-centre spring setup, which is probably more complex than it needs to be.

    Good luck,



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      Thanks for the reply Mark,

      Is there any chance that these could open while rotating, ( drum rotates @ approx. 45rpm)



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        Thinking about it,

        This is a good excuse to go to Bunnings. ( who needs an excuse anyway???)

        I will grab some and trial run the roaster for about 30-45 minutes.
        If it does fly open then back to the drawing board.



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          Interesting to read about your roaster. I also use my BBQ in a similiar fashion to you but I use a large Instant coffee tin,(those found in large staff kitchens) in which I have pop rivited baffles. It is now very old and I am need of a new tin. Did you make your container, from what material. I have been thinking of buying a home roaster but I have been happy with the job I have been doing, but I could be a long way from the best. Have you compared your roast with one from a bought roaster. Cheers.


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            Hi Russco,

            The drum is from scrapped 5 mm perforated stainless steel,
            you can use stainless without holes but i like the idea of seeing inspecting the beans while roasting.

            As for comparing to beans done in a roaster, not yet, but i am very happy with what i get out of the BBQ.
            I am now experimenting with not preheating the bbq before putting the beans in.
            that way i get a slow ramp of temperature and dont risk scorching the beans ( which i have done!)

            hope this helps


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              Thanks Glen, I have a 4 burner BBQ. I usually heat it up to 240 with all jets up on high and turn them all down to low when I put the beans in. That keeps the temp to about 220. Fairly primative, but happy with the results. Cheers. Russ