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    Anyone home roasted the Turquino yet? How did you go? I'll be giving it a spin tomorrow, any tips would be welcomed. I note Andy suggested CS9 so I thought I'd drop it at the first snap of 2C, but can't quite decide whether this needs a long slow or a short sharp roast.


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    Hi Habab,

    I have given this ago a few times already. It comes out looking pretty nice for one. As for taste as Andy has said at CS9 he's pretty right. I felt it lost some of over all taste when you go darker on this one. Mind you Until i have waited another 5 days on this darker roast i wont say its good nor bad. I roasted this in between a CS10-11.



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      Thanks Chris,

      I'd like to hear how the darker roast went, was the CS9 taken to before or just on 2C?



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        Did a 250g batch this evening. Slow ramp up to 1C @ 13:09 - really loud - backed off the heat a bit and 1C went on for ages, last snaps around 16:15. Dumped at first snap of 2C just after 18min, cooled in vacuum bin. Great looking roast - beans look like you could just eat them as is. Still don't have a CS card, but I'd guess this is around the CS9 mark.
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          It's funny doing a search and seeing these things pop up years ago, showing how long it may have been since it was stocked.

          I roasted the Turquino yesterday, leaving it in the popper for quite a while but never reaching SC. As they rested, the beans took on the aroma of fresh cut hay. This morning upon grinding and especially during the first wetting of the grounds on the filter, a strong smell that I can only describe as rice krispies filled the room. In the cup, the profile was more similar to the pungency and fullness of an Indonesian or Indian coffee than the caramel cleanliness of a washed Latin American, however maybe halfway there, not full on especially the finish. Unlike with monsooned coffee, milk did not noticeably change this; perhaps the more exotic notes were muted leaving only a bit of a "kopi" experience.

          Definitely quite happy I bought this. Like the blueberries of Sidamo it is something different and interesting.