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First ever roasting attempt

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  • First ever roasting attempt

    Well thanks to Andy for the promo delivery of my starter pack. Hopefully there are some awesome beans in there. So far in hanging to taste the Brazil it smells amazing and the Columbian smells ace as well.

    I picked up another popcorn popper today due to the heat wave I was worried the wife's 1200w o r would be too hot. And good timing too, only $11 at Target atm.

    Hopefully I haven't roasted them too dark. FC ranged from 3:15- 4m and SC around 6-7min. I think the air con being on prob helped abit.

    Now the long wait until tomorrow to get to taste these bad boys.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted tips, etc on the site it has been very helpful and I'm sure will continue to aid my learning experience.


    Pic incoming.
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    Great work, roasts look good!! Now enjoy the yummy coffee!



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      I was reading about blends, so I just roasted 80g more of Brazil and Ethiopian and made them a tad lighter and mixed them. I was a tad concerned they were abit dark, esp the Ethiopian. Fingers Crossed.

      hoping that when the Minore turns up that they will be ripe for brewing


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        So far the The wife and I have both found the Brazil Pulped Natural to be the nicest roast. The Columbian is a second place getter.

        Did abit of a KJM blend this morning which isn't too bad (drinking one now) looks like I'll be roasting more Columbian again this afternoon as its already all gone.



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          Great looking first roasts!

          Keep plenty of notes, play around with the roast depths of each and in no time you should have a good baseline for what suits your tastes best.

          Enjoy the journey!


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            Well after 23 Batches of beans, I'm thinking the popper is on the way out... 12min and only 1 single crack.. The lid didn't seem to be as scortching hot as normal.

            I think its time to build a Coretto now or atleast find someone wanting to offload their old one.