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  • Re-roasting

    Hi all,

    I've been roasting on and off for a couple of years now with a heat gun and wok with great results. Unfortunately last roast I horribly under-roasted about half a kilo. I am about to throw it out but thought I'd first check if there is any way of re-roasting the batch?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    G'Day Jacob,

    Rather than chuck it out why not crank up the heat gun again and take it to a point your happy with, less than ideal but worth a go, you may be surprised, then again you may well finish up chucking it out.

    Treat it as a learning experience.


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      It was a while back when i first started but i had an experience were my bread maker stopped mid way through a roast. It had literally just started first crack and stop. I also came looking on the forum but the though just came to mind just start the roast again but and watch it carefully. So i did and it turned out pretty good. When i say pretty good it was in the days when i was not sure of tastes and what to look for but i must say it wasn't much unlike the roast i were already producing.



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        Thanks guys,

        I gave it a go last night.
        It went straight into first crack after perhaps 30 seconds!!!
        the beans went pretty oily and smelt burnt but a chucked it in the grinder once it cooled and gave it a go.
        Result wasn't too bad. I won't be serving it up to any friends but its certainly drinkable.

        Thanks again