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Corretto Roaster - mods to paddle

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  • Corretto Roaster - mods to paddle

    Hi Guys,

    I had an issue the first test run of my tip shop Bread Maker, where the paddle kept lifting off the shaft so needless to say I tried to fix it and broke it into several pieces..

    A local welding place made me a new paddle from Stainless and welded it to the shaft. Now I know my machine should be capable of roasting 725g ok, but I get alot of burnt beans due to the beans not agitating as well as they should.. I've found 600g is working evenly which basically bags up 500g + a tad so not so bad really I guess but I do want it to work to its very best possible.

    So my question, has anyone come up with a great paddle setup? I was thinking shape, size, angle and number of blades..

    The original blade was verticle and tall in the centre then thin the rest of the way to the end. The paddle I have now is tall and straight up rectangular. I'm toying with putting some bends on the top 2 corners forward or back.. just not sure where to go from here for an optimum outcome.

    Click image for larger version

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    Video of machine agitating 725g beans... (needs quicktime)
    Not enough shifting of mass from top to bottom of bread tin.



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    Morning Dan, I find the original Breville BM paddle to be ideal, it agitates very well, I've set a couple of these up over the past few years and never had a problem with burning.

    Why not see if you can find another BM, and use the pan and paddle from it? (just don't forget to pin the paddle in place) they're pretty cheap and you will have a spare BM in case the original gives up the ghost.


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      yeh I'm thinking about it it. I want to find the same one so I have spare parts which gives me a spare tin to work on my trap door and shoot idea. but that could take some time.


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        Just emailed you a link, new paddle $11.


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          Ah. I forgot Yelta was your nick on here.. lol