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Behmor temperature data logging - Which probe type?

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  • Behmor temperature data logging - Which probe type?

    Can anyone tell me which probe to use for the Behmor? Or importantly if more than one option, which gives the best results? Are the installation instructions going to be the same as on the roastmonitor software download thread? I'm planning to buy a Behmor and have the roastmonitor USB temperature data logger with thestandard probe and also the 100mm stainless braid probe I've been using with my current breadmaker set up, need to know if I have whats needed?


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    Depends on your method - if you're okay with drilling a couple of holes, then use the braid thermocouple and follow the instructions at USB Temperature Data Logger Thermocouple and RoastMonitorUSB software This is what I use with my Behmor, and while the probing location isn't ideal (away from the bean mass and above the elements), it does give you some baseline data to work from.

    Alternatively you can just tuck the bead thermocouple in the door, but it's fiddly and hard to keep things consistent from roast to roast.


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      Great, thanks, I'll be happily voiding a warranty in no time!


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        Just so I'm clear, if you want to roast with the data logger (an you don't mind drilling holes) you require one of the spare stainless steel braids (which don't come with the data logger). Can i ask which length do you need? The 25mm or the 100mm stainless braid?



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          It's the 100mm one - 25mm would have you with only a tiny amount actually in the roasting space.


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            Thanks Dean


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              Hey guys,

              I think I have a problem with my Stainless Steel Probe - twisty cord thermocouple. I installed it acording to Andy's diagram and all good for the first roast. but at the end of the roast during the cooling cycle the readings went nuts. they were varying between -50 and +20 and changing between those temps about 5 times a sec. I did a dry burn to see if the temp would rise but nope, no change just random temps. I noticed tha if i removed the probe the temp immediately returned to normal. I think that the probe is interacting with the steel casing of the roaster.

              I'm now using the thermocouple bead wire. I have only done about 4 roasts with it so far, but the results seem to be consistent - with the exception that when the afterburner kicks in the temp drops by 50-60 deg, and slowly builds up again. Has anyone else noticed this? and if so has a solution be found?

              Thanks guys!


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                Does anybody know if the CS standard probes and spare probes are standard type K - supplemented by the pin plug?

                I still do have some probes with my Behmor and would like to use one of them on my second roaster?
                As for installation on the Phidget I will have to cut off the plug and would at first like to know if it works.

                (sorry if this has been explained somewhere, but I cannot find it)