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1st real roaster! 1st roast :)

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  • 1st real roaster! 1st roast :)

    Hey Guys,

    Picked up a 2nd hand Behmor today and i am very excited.

    Got a great deal from Kevo, he was great!

    Had a go at some Columbian Volcun beans.

    Did a small amount at first and used 1/4 pound P2 and B.
    Came out alright. Maybe not dark enough? Ill test them out tomorrow.

    Here is my temp profiles for any feedback

    150g 1/4lb P2, B

    312g 1lb P2, B

    I am looking forward to doing some more experiments with my roaster.

    Any tips appreciated. I need to get the coffee grade card when its back in stock as well. Looking forward to having good coffee again soon!

    I welcome any thoughts/suggestions/advice that anyone would like to offer I think ill be getting a bit more involved with the community now!

    On a side note, i have the Breville smart grinder, and the Dual boiler in my home setup. Seems to do the job nicely

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    Hey mate,

    That roast looks pretty good. It looks to me like its quite light, hard to tell with the lighting, but it would definately be drinkable. Let it rest for 2-3 days then should make a good cup.
    It can get a bit nerve racking wanting to stop the roast, thinking that it will go too far. Also ive found the more beans you use, the more time it takes to do everything so using more beans can help learn how to use the roaster as everything happens more gradually rather than all at once.

    Ive got same roaster (same grinder and bdb also!) i constantly use 1lb, P2, C. I roast between 300-400g The only difference between 300-400g is the time it takes. I also use P1 if im roasting upwards of 500g to really push the heat into the mix.

    With 300g or so with this setup i know it takes roughly 10minutes to first crack.
    So if you want to try this give it a shot.

    Taste is a personal thing, but i find after you've hit first crack anywhere from there till the start of 2nd crack and youll be pretty good for a drinkable roast. I find if you hit cool at start of 2nd crack, the cooling process will finish off the 2nd crack, as its still hot in the oven.

    Also many people do cooling in different ways, how do you do yours ?
    I open the door and flush all the heat out and let it run the full cooling cycle, with the trey removed.

    btw nice Subi!


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      Thanks for the comments

      They are pretty light, i was a bit questioning of them yesterday but this afternoon they have more of a coffee smell, so it might be a nice light roast in the next couple days. I will see how it tastes!
      I think i definitely need to leave it on a bit longer before hitting cool.

      At the moment, i am just hitting cool and letting it run its course. Might stuff around with the cooling after i do some more roasts.

      Is there a rough time between first and second crack that it generally is? or is it very varied?

      Haha, Thanks, I enjoy my Subi!


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        Geez, you don't hang around do you?
        Hole drilled, temp data logger installed and you're off and running!
        Well done mate. I think you must have decided against the bike ride before heading home! (Too hot?)
        The roast does appear a bit on the light side for an espresso, but try it anyway (as if you wouldn't ;-)).
        It should do really well as plunger and/or drip though.
        As 13 suggests, larger roasts can be less of a rush, allowing for more 'control' and in time, usually a better result.
        Yep, experiment, enjoy the journey AND the coffee, you will soon have the right feel for it.
        I am very pleased that the Behmor has gone to a good home and fellow Snobber.


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          Thanks Kevin
          No hanging around! Didnt get to go for a ride, but had a nice picnic lunch in that park. Was nice out there. (maybe a little drop into a winery for a tasting too haha)

          Ill keep at it, They are definitely a good shade or 2 lighter than the batch you did to show me, so ill hold my hand away from the cool button next time and see how it goes!


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            First tasting this morning!

            First roast turned out HORRIBLE!
            Not roasted enough, Dumped the rest of them.
            The 2nd roast (312g one) is nice, Probably a little too light as there isnt a full flavour there, but the coffee with milk is smooth and has a nice taste Im happy for my second attempt!


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              Originally posted by shadoxity View Post
              Im happy for my second attempt!
              That's a good first up factor Leon!
              -happy with second attempt;
              -pleased with third;
              -rapt in fourth;
              Be prepared however for the "S#*t, how'd that happen" roast!
              Your second roast will still be a bit on the young side. Another couple of days should see further improvement to the taste buds.
              Enjoy the learning curve and roasting pleasures that the Bemhor creates.


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                Thanks Kevo Going to do another roast or 2 today


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                  Left the roast for about a min longer today. about 2-3 shades darker on these beans, they seemed to take longer to reach first crack but thats probably because its a little cooler today here.

                  Cant wait to try in a few days and see how they turned out!