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Roasting Indian Elephant Hills Peaberry in popper

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  • Roasting Indian Elephant Hills Peaberry in popper

    Hey guys,

    I need some help with roasting these Indian Elephant Hills Peaberry. I'm getting very inconsistant roasts. I've tried roughly 80g to 110g but it seems like some of them are a CS11 yet some are a CS9. This happens even when decreasing the amount in the popper. They generally spin pretty fast with a little amount added.

    One more other thing I'm noticing is, I don't think they're even hitting second crack. Either that or its so faint I can't hear it I'm definately hitting first crack though. Every other bean I've roasted I always hit second crack and have no issues. So I'm thinking its the shape of the bean which may be the issue? I could be totally wrong about that and maybe I am hearing second crack but can't hear it?

    I'd really like your suggestions on How to roast peaberry beans as this is my first time roasting them.

    I'm using a soup can as a chimney but just can't seem to perfect this one type of bean.

    How have you been roasting these beans? Do they require a lot of heat? How do you tell when they're ready other than sight?

    Any help is appreciated.