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same blend, different roast profile.

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  • same blend, different roast profile.

    Hi Snobs.

    we have been roasting a particular blend we are happy with for quite some time. we have since been fed some new info from a course we went to with Coffee Logic, that we wanted to test.

    we usually dropped at 140-150 dependant on ambient, and gassed at 45kPa, until first, then dropped to 15 @ FC to2nd.

    so we tried dropping at 180, with gas @ 10 for first minute, then to 50 until FC, then 10 on. will be interesting to see flavour differences.

    below is a graph of temps over time. (unsure of how to post from CS RML thing with data and notes...)

    THoughts on changes??? I'm thinking more caramel notes on "lower" roast, but was expecting a larger difference in curves...
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    Hi Caftek,

    I gather from the above that you do use CS RM.
    To post your profiles, take a screen shot and format as JPeg, if the roast computer is connected to the net.
    If it's not, just take a photo of the computer screen and upload it as a JPeg from your connected computer.



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      slightly off-topic (a better question for the RML / Datalogger threads) but....

      unsure of how to post from CS RML thing with data and notes

      Hit [Save]
      then select CSV and JPG before giving it a name and it will look something like:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20110814-Peru12b.jpg
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        Ah..... that's better!
        My roast computer isn't connected to the web, I just take photos, if I need to ;-)