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Has anyone been to the Coffee Roasting Basic + Sensory Development training by Wolff?

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  • Has anyone been to the Coffee Roasting Basic + Sensory Development training by Wolff?

    I'm hoping to find some feedback before joining in that training.

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    Where is this?


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      In Brisbane


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        Here's a link to it, but i'm not sure if it's not allowed. Commercial link removed

        or google wolffcoffeeroasters
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          Yes, I did the 3 day course last year. It is very hands on with only small numbers so you get plenty of time on the 1kg Probat roaster. A good general overview on green bean buying, measuring density and moisture, processing, roast chemistry, profiling, roaster operation/maintenance etc. Includes cupping of your roasts though the sensory part of the course is not as extensive as the roasting. Pete has a wealth of knowledge and is more than willing to share. Not cheap though, most who attend are either in the industry or have plans to enter...
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            thats cool simskade. Do you think it's worth the money? How about their intermediate course? did you try that too? I was hoping to line them up and do both since I'm not based in Brisbane.

            I'm hoping to learn more about cupping too, do you cup straight after roasting or do they have to degas first?


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              You cup your roasts the next day and talk through the results as a group. Overall I think it's pretty good value and you will get plenty out of the intro course even if you have some good basic knowledge already. The reality is that there is nothing comparable in the market, so its probably the best training option in Oz at the moment. I think the intermediate is more one or one - I was thinking the same as you but to be honest after 3 days you will probably want a break to digest everything first. I may go back and do the intermediate once I have more experience on the roaster to fine tune things. From the intro course you certainly get the confidence to tackle a commercial roaster alone.