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  • Pre ground Coffee for Friends


    I am going to give some of my home roasted coffee to two friends who don't have a grinder. So I was wondering at how many days old would be the best to grind the coffee for them?

    It's currently about 4 days old and usually seems to reach its peak for when I'm grinding the beans for my coffee at about 11 days old.

    I know this is not ideal, but hey not everyone has a grinder


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    Do you like your friends? Why not grind theirs at the time you would use for yours?

    Just make sure they know to keep it in an air-tight container in cool dark place to increase the life...


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      Ok I think you mean to grind around the 11 day mark?

      I would grind mine as I drink, but obviously they don't have that option.

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        That is something I've also wondered. Besides substandard coffee, does is make a difference if you grind coffee straight from the roaster instead of 5 - 10 days later? The assumption is that mates don't have a grinder so you are going to give them a bag to enjoy. I think that is what paulau is referring to.


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          Yes that is what I wanted to do, I was thinking it may have been better to grind the day after roasting and then let them enjoy a week plus after roasting.


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            I would still grind as close to when they will use it as you can, maybe you could provide them with smaller amounts of pre ground

            I used to buy beans preground from a roaster many years ago and noticed the flavours dropped off quite significantly after 4 or 5 days


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              How good are the friends? Buy them a hand grinder?