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New gene cafe user. Some help please?

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  • New gene cafe user. Some help please?

    Hey folks,

    so, yesterday I received my gene cafe for my birthday this year and roasted my first batch. Drank it this morning and it was alright. Better than the junk from the grocery I used to drink.

    anyway, looking for some guidance. I followed the recommendations in the gene cafe manual for a medium roast (15m @ 455f) but then I realized the machine doesn't even reach 455 until like 7.5m in. So my question is, do these times reflect total time (from pressing play to pressing for cool down) or is this the time to roast once the machine gets to temperature??

    My first batch (yesterday) and a batch I roasted today were both Guatemalan Huehuetenango El Paternal(came with 2lbs). Today's batch I just chilled on the timer until I thought I heard second crack and then pressed cool down shortly thereafter. I'll be trying that tomorrow morning to see how that tastes.

    the other flavors that came with my roaster are:
    mexican org. Terruno Nayarita washed reserve (2lbs)
    columbian supreme Medellin (2lbs)
    jamaican gr. 1 blue mountain Mavis Banks (.5lb)

    if I could get some direction as to which flavor and step by step as to how I should roast it, just to get me started, that'd be great!

    thanks for the guidance!


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    Welcome CB,

    First of all, most beans are not going to be at their best the day after roasting. Many would advise leaving to rest and de-gas for 5-10 days. The guidance on the Avacuppa website (used to be a site sponsor....not sure if they still are) is useful.

    Mod Edit: They're not, hence the link must go.

    But I use a much simpler method. Preheat to 155 degrees (i.e. no beans). Emergency stop (see Avacuppa guide). Fill with 250-300g of beans. Set time to maximum, temp 230 degrees, hits start. Listen for 1st crack (typically between 11 mins and 12 min 30 for me), reduce temperature by 2 or 3 degrees. Normally stop the roast (emergency stop again) 3 - 3.5* minutes after the onset of first crack. Dump in bean cooler, put the empty roasting vessel back in Gene, start roasting again and hit button to start the 'normal' cooling cycle.

    *3 minutes for lighter roast (for Aeropress). 3.5 minutes or longer for espresso (sometimes take to first snaps of second crack, which typically begin just less than 4 minutes after onset of first crack).

    If light is good you can also use your eyes. You will also typically get a fair bit of smoke just before 2C.
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      My bad. Am I correct in assuming that the list at the bottom of the forum is a complete list of site sponsors then?


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        Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
        My bad. Am I correct in assuming that the list at the bottom of the forum is a complete list of site sponsors then?

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          Hi Cerealbowl!

          Barry is correct with the timing of using the roast. But for me, anywhere after say, 48 hrs is pretty much ok.

          Using the GC should come with a dvd or something for those of us who bought it just to help guide you.

          Are you local in Victoria/Melbourne at all? I am sure one of us could give you some handy hints 1 on 1.

          If you would like I can give you my times/temps for the roasting of the beans you have, if that will help.



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            I do pretty well what BarryO suggests except:
            I start at 240 degrees.
            At first crack I slowly lower the temperature to 235.
            Emergency stop at the first few snaps of second crack.

            You'll soon work out where you own "sweet spot" is.

            Different beans age at different rates. I like the Ethiopian Sidamo after a couple of days, some of the Australian beans and the Indian Monsooned beans are best after 2 weeks.



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              depending on the beans I ramp to 240C, then drop it back to 200 and let it coast for a few minutes before pulling at first sign of second crack, and ramp back to 220C if the roast is taking to long, which normally brings second crack along quite quickly...