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Behmor Help - flavour/smell not developing?

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  • Behmor Help - flavour/smell not developing?

    Hi guys; I've gone though about a kilo and a half of Peru Ceja de Selva in my new Behmor, and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out a strange issue I'm having.

    I've tried different roast levels, from well underroasted to CS9/10, settling on about a CS9, oily sheen visible immediately after roasting, a few seconds into second crack.

    With a 220g load I'm using 1/2lb, P2, C, getting 1C at a little after 7:30, right when the power should be ramping back. 2C comes 2-3 minutes later.

    What I end up with are beans that don't smell particularly strongly of anything as whole bean, make the room smell fantastic when they're ground but upon closer inspection smell pungent and almost moist/dank. As they age toward a week the smell becomes stronger, but like no coffee I have bought and certainly nowhere near as strong or pleasant as whole beans.

    The resulting coffee is drinkable, though nothing special, very bright/high acidity, with strong floral notes and next to no bitterness. I can actually tighten the grind to give a 60-90sec pour and still no bitterness results; the only typical over-extraction symptom is a faint ashy aftertaste. I'm finding the most flavourful shots take 50 seconds or so.

    What gives? Is it not developing properly or is this the result of using a single-origin rather than a blend, or the particular bean itself? I'm completely lost here. The times are in the ballpark, the coffee looks perfect, but is just lacking in scent and flavour.

    *EDIT* Or do I need to be using larger bean loads to stretch out the whole process? Or am I just expecting too much to compare the quality of a newbie's Behmor roasts with the specialty-roasted blends I've been buying?

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    I did a batch of 300g peru at 1lb P2. First crack was at around 8:30min and began 2nd crack at 1:30 after.

    Let it cool down with front open slightly. Came out look like a medium roast (sorry. No chart) and after 4 days it came out really nice and syrupy. Taste dark and slightly bitter (burnt?)

    Great with milk


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      Yeah, I cool with the front cracked and the drum/tray are typically cool to the touch within 5 minutes.

      To be fair, what I have is nice with milk, but then a lot of that is because adding sweet thick creamy milk tends to improve a lot of things :P

      What's the oil situation on your "medium"? Dry with spots after a few days, a very light sheen immediately or straight out wet/shiny?


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        Dry with no shine. After 4 days has some spots if oil but not glistening


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          Could be you haven't hit the sweet spot with timing.
          Ideally I find my best results are obtained when the temp keeps ramping up until 1C, then temp backs off a little and stabilizes for a few minutes, then another temp ramp up for 2C.
          Looks like you are getting 1C well after the temp drop which is too late IMHO and possibly experiencing a bit of stalling during the temp drop.
          I aim for 1C just before the power drops, then usually hit 2C a few minutes after ideally as the temp ramps up again.
          To help me achieve getting the best timing, I normally do a 1-2 minute preheat with beans loaded before starting the roast.
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            The element ramps down just as/after 1C starts properly, so that shouldn't be the issue...


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              Have you tasted these beans as an SO roasted by someone else? I personally find these as an SO a bit boring and prefer to use them as the base to a more interesting blend (mixed with some Ethiopian and Sulawesi). Could be they just don't float your boat as an SO espresso.


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                I haven't; I've liked Decaf WOW previously so I tried the following:

                350g, 1lb P1

                1C began at 9:50.

                I calculated that if the power cuts at 60% runtime I needed a 16:30 P2 roast, but then realised that I have no way of stretching the whole profile, so I ran it for 1:25, then immediately restarted on a 1/2lb P2C, which should have given (1:25+8:25)=9:50 of full power.

                As it turns out, this time I reached 1C at a little after 9:00 total, with the power cutting back ~30sec after that, so I was pretty close. 1C was much slower and more controlled and the gap between 1C and 2C was noticeably longer.

                The beans that copped the P1 until the start of 2C smelled similar to my usual (but then I always found them to smell worse than the non-decaf beans), but the tuned P2 produced beans smelling nuttier and, while still not nice and strong like my bought blends, a quite pleasant smell.

                I'll post back with tasting results in a few days...