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  • Newbie needs advice

    Hi All. I need some help with roasting some Ethiopan Gambella. I am using a Behomor and have had good success with the other 2 beans I have roasted, Peruvian organic and Tanzania Machare Estate. I read how the Ethiopian would need a lower and slower heat application and that they have a really long first crack. I assume the Behomor only has set programs and you can't manually adjust? I selected 1/2 lb on P4 which appeared to have a slower heat application. I normally wait until a bit into second before hitting cool depending on how the colour of the bean is looking ( I like a darker roast). The beans appeared reasonably dark early into first crack, but I let them go for a while before cooling as first crack was still quite rapid. I left it too long and the beans are very dark and oily (I guess burnt). I should have cooled earlier but first crack appeared nowhere near finished. My question is, are these beans suitable for the pre-programmed set up of the Behmor? Is the heat too hot, or should I have just cooled earlier? I like what I've read about these beans and would love to get some success, any ideas> Steve

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    Lots of discussions about it here:

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      Cheers. Will check it out.


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        Just checked my notes and I've done several 200gm roasts of the Ethiopian Gambella Sundried.
        They were all done on 1/2 P2 B and ranged from CS8 to CS10 depending on when I hit "cool".
        I really like this bean and also use it a lot in blends.