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  • New Project-My Rotisserie

    Hi all, I just got this home grill for roasting conversion/hack.
    Check this out please, some photos etc... - Montel Williams My Rotisserie Rotisserie Oven

    The drum is 11" or 28cm long, x 4" or 10cm wide nice glass window...max 450 gram batch.

    It looks like it has a great potential. There are two problems.

    Slow motor @4rpm that I will replace with something @60rpm.

    The bigger problem is heat. (Fixed not adjustable) The 2 heating electrical elements are not enough for roasting. Here's where I need some ideas...
    The choices that I see are:
    1) cut a hole in steel bottom, so I can set it over gas stove and help/regulate temp with gas.
    2) Add heating elements to raise heat, with independent on/off ...

    I would prefer solution #2 I can roast anywhere, like near window etc...
    But if it is a problem, adding heat elements I can use gas....

    What would you suggest? Any other options?
    THANKS in advance.

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    For an extra heat source you could perhaps use a hot gun as people use in their corretto and a exhaust port to expel the chaff etc. Enjoy :-).