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beans degas vs roast depth

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  • DesigningByCoffee
    Hi SC
    I believe that it might have more to do with the roast length than depth. I have quite a long profile compared to some, and often end up drinking my beans almost straight away out of necessity. But it is has been a very long time since I've had a 'schweppervescent' espresso pour like I used to from freshly roasted commercial beans, which they often roast faster than the corretto …
    Just my 2c

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  • summercrema
    started a topic beans degas vs roast depth

    beans degas vs roast depth

    I am thinking is there a relationship between roast depth (after rolling FC all the way into few seconds of SC) )and degas volume, i.e. the darker the roast the more gas will release later on? And what about beans type I am referring to soft and hard beans, softer beans degas more after roasting? or not really. Would like to know what other people thinks about it. Thanks