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Behmor issue - help please!

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  • Behmor issue - help please!

    So my Behmor cuts out about 10:30 into the roast, every time, regardless of profile. The light stays on, the drum keeps rotating, timer keeps counting down, but the elements are off.

    A few months back I had a small fire inside the machine (thanks to my 2yo), but this problem existed even before that.

    This is killing me! Does anyone have any ideas about the cause / potential solutions?

    Thanks in advance

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    have you tried contacting Behmor customer support?
    they are extremely helpful and will help you troubleshoot to isolate the issue


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      Are the elements coming back on after that stage or are they staying off for the remainder of the roast?
      Have you noticed any other times during the roast that the elements are off? If so, that is completely normal as the elements 'cycle' on and off during the roasting cycle to maintain the temperature.
      Let us know how you get on,


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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give customer support a go.

        Lovey, the elements aren't coming back on. Also, they shut off even on P1 where there is meant to be no element cycling.