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  • New to Hottop roasting


    I have recently changed from a Behmor to a Hottop B model. Still playing around with it to get things 'right'.

    The pic is of today's roast with the Peru Estate brand from BB.

    I like my beans roasted to around city - in between 1C and 2C.

    Do you think this is kinda close?
    The roast went for 19mins 32seconds.

    Click image for larger version

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    What's the breakdown of your profile, arenton?

    How long to 150°C (start of Maillard Reaction...beans yellow to tan)

    How long from 170°C to start of first crack?

    How long from start of first crack to end of roast?

    If it tastes great then no worries ........bit hard to tell from the pic but a good looking roast won't always be good in the cup....and vice versa!!

    19.32 mins in a Hottop (for a 'city' roast) seems a couple or so minutes too long but it will depend on where those couple of extra minutes are.


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      Hi Arenton,

      While the colour is probably around what it would be btw 1st&2nd crack. I personally think taking 19+minutes to get there a bit long, and you may have baked the beans a bit. However taste will tell no doubt. I would suggest trying to get to 1st crack a bit earlier, allowing close to 3 mins roast development time (time between 1st crack & when you Eject). Maybe all up around 15-16min?

      My 2 bobs worth.