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Help in deciding on a Behmor - can I try a batch?

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  • Help in deciding on a Behmor - can I try a batch?

    Can I try a batch of my beans in someones Behmor, in Sydney, before I go buy one? I would really like to compare the results with what I'm doing now with the Behmor. I'm in Lane Cove but can travel if anyone is kind enough to do a 300 gram batch?

    Having trouble getting into second crack using Target popper & I used a digital probe to show that bean mass is only getting to 210C maximum temperature. I read that second crack starts around 218C so I am assuming the roast is stalling. FC is around 5 minutes and then I keep going up to 12 minutes waiting to hear 2nd crack, the beans get darker but I have no idea if I'm just baking the beans or not. The result is not bad, but would like to see if it would be much better in the Behmor. Much appreciated if that is possible.