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  • KKTO adventures

    I have a KKTO and it was working well.

    The turbo oven heating element part died :-(

    There was lots of posts about the using the ovens with a halogen lamp as a heat source.

    So I purchased one of these.

    To be honest I had lots of problems with getting the beans hot enough to roast well with this.

    I had to substantially reduce the batch size to get a reasonable result.

    My wife wanted a turbo oven for the caravan.

    I purchased a basic one with the conventional metal element.

    I wanted to roast some coffee this morning and so I thought I would try the oven with the conventional element

    On preheating the KKTO it was at 275 degrees (the halogen element struggled to get to 200 degrees)

    It is a lot easier to roast with plenty of heat to spare.

    400g of beans took about 12 minutes, with the halogen element it was taking 22 minutes.

    However the metal element does have a longer lag and so you need to think more like 5 degrees ahead.

    While the light from the halogen element made it easy to observe the beans I found it did not get hot enough to work well.

    Do people think I can swap the halogen oven and put it in the caravan?? :-)

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    An update on this having been informed by my wife that nothing could possibly be cooked in an ex coffee roaster.

    I decided to pull apart the turbo oven with the halogen lamp there is a bi metallic strip in it that with some adjusting it now runs a lot hotter (to about 240 C) so it is back working better than new.

    Now I have 2 turbo ovens :-)


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      That's very interesting, Don.

      I had been considering trying a halogen unit.

      Is your "bi metallic strip" the thermostat for the heater or an overheat protector (or something else)?

      I have not been roasting for a few months as we have been between houses. At present my roaster is in boxes in the garage, but I've just ordered some green beans, so will have to do some organising.