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First roast with USB DMM (thanks Andy and DesigningByCoffee)

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  • First roast with USB DMM (thanks Andy and DesigningByCoffee)

    Corretto is humming along very nicely, loving it!

    I'm roasting 350g/week. Using the Bosch PHG-630DCE on fan speed two, I've been pretty much using DBC's recommended profile/graph and hitting the start of 2nd crack at spot on 17 minutes.

    Andy's DMM arrived last week, so I did my first roast with it drilled into the side of the BBM100. Very pleasingly, I pretty much hit the marks of DBC's graph give or take 203- seconds at each temperature change i.e. 130 degrees, 160 degrees, 195 degrees etc. The beans hit 211C at 17 minutes, and were dumped at that stage.

    I didn't log it (using CS's Roast Monitor or the linux-compatible Roast Logger) since I didn't have the USB bit working (it does now), but very much looking forward to the next stage of learning/experimenting

    Oh - and I'm getting some different types of beans this week to go with my Yirga and start some blending for espresso.

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    Excellent news Sultan....

    It sure is a lot of fun...



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      Nice work SoS
      Enjoy the ride!


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        Got the BBM100 apart today, and all modded so it runs continuously whenever the power cord is plugged and on. Much easier - no faffing about waiting for 90 seconds before continuous stirring, and no pauses later on during the heat of the roast. Well worth the minor effort.

        Even better, I'm *loving* the DMM. I had been a bit skeptical, as I was enjoying the roasts and getting consistent (enough) results without it. I almost wondered whether I wouldn't bother with it, but it really does make the process simple & give confidence.

        I'm hitting all of your profile points pretty much within 10-20 seconds, Matt. This despite upping the roast quantities to 600g batches (so I get 500g of roasted), and now using the 3rd (high) speed on the Bosch. The main thing I'm liking is being able to leave the roast a little longer as it hits 220C, 225C etc without worrying it's going too dark. Really nice feeling of control.

        I've been using both roastlogger (since it works on linux, and does all I need it to), as well as roast master. Both are excellent & I can't imagine roasting without these little toys now.

        First 500g batches of coffee are bagged up and going to be given to friends tomorrow. I'm using nice compostable bags (Econic brand by Convex), and a hair straightener to properly heat seal 'em just like the pros.


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          Great work SoS
          The DMM makes a world of difference - much less seat of the pants, and allows for a lot more consistent results (going by colours is very hard - colour will change depending on the light!). Look forward to hearing how you go when you crack your new bags - start early and feel free to ask any questions based on flavour…
          Happy brewing!