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Link to CS roast scale, and roasting notes for beans on beanbay?

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  • Link to CS roast scale, and roasting notes for beans on beanbay?

    Does anyone have a link to or can point me to a description of the roast scales referred to on CS - I see CS8 CS9, etc which I guess is roast depth/colour, but can't find a full description images or otherwise for this anywhere?

    Also, is there a consolidated set of roasting notes anywhere for different beans for sale on beanbay, is it best to just search for the individual beans to see people's thoughts on best roasting methods for each bean?

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    The numbers refer to the different roast depths on this card (CS12 being at the far right)
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      Another version here:

      As far as roasting notes go for individual beans, Andy provides a couple of notes but as there are a heap of different

      roasting scenarios across the membership, 'standard' roast notes are not possible or workable.

      You can look in the different sub forums or enter the bean name in the search bar.

      When you find someone with the same set up as you there might be some ideas for you to use as a starting point.

      Roasting is not formulaic; there are simply too many variables, including your palate! :-D

      Good luck on your journey!


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        thanks. was mainly just trying to find a potential starting point so as not to get really poor results with new varieties I haven't roasted before.

        I'll just search for the bean and see what people have been doing.



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          Developing a default roast profile for three basic categories will also help with getting the most

          out of your roast and shortcut the tweaking.

          profile 1. island, low altitude, soft beans.

          profile 2. high altitude, hard, washed process, graded dry process.

          profile 3. high altitude, hard, dry process, ungraded.

          Use your palate ( sourness, bitterness, sweetness, mouthfeel, balance ) and visual roast defects ( like divots, tipping, scorching, internal roast level )

          to drive the tweaking that you do.