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Oil on bean surface

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  • Oil on bean surface

    I find that if I end up even with a little bit of oil on the surface that I find the roast way too dark, even a slight big of oil and I don't really want yo drink the coffee.

    Is this normal?

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    Just posted something in the beanbay May release thread touching on this. I am fairly new to the roasting game but I found with the Malawi beans (based on Andy's advice to roast to CS10) that when I roasted these to the start of second crack where some oil spots came to surface after a few days, the results were amazing. A lighter roast with no oil spots was nowhere near as enjoyable to my tastes, whereas I found the opposite to be true with the PNG Wahgi I have also been playing around with. I can only assume this is very bean (and personal preference) specific...
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      Originally posted by forrest View Post
      when I roasted these to just after second crack ...
      Quick, forrest! Edit this while you still can !! ;-D


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        haha! Done, still getting used to the lingo! I basically pulled as soon as I heard the first hints of second crack

        I'll get there eventually :-l