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Defects on the green or on the roasting?

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  • Defects on the green or on the roasting?

    I singled these beans out of 3x200gm roasts. 2 roasts stopped before 2nd crack and 1 roast stopped a few seconds into second crack.

    Most of the batches were fine, I singled these out because they are particularly lighter or had chaff that seems to be stubbornly stuck on.

    Can anyone help me identify what is wrong with this? Am I roasting unevenly due to batch size or is this a natural thing that occurs from crop to crop.

    I'm using a quest m3 roaster. This is the PNG Wahgi AA

    Click image for larger version

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    When i roast Indonesian beans at same batch size, I usually pick out a few that look like a lot of the beans pictured. I may be wrong, but my own research suggests that it prob has something to do with improper / uneven drying - during harvesting /processing, possibly due to the moist island environments.


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      Yep, those beans do look a bit odd and probably not a bad idea to remove them. Steve's analysis above is most likely close to the money...

      Mind you, I've never had any Wahgi beans that look like that...



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        If it is a high scoring specialty coffee then it's probably your roasting method. But more then likely it is due to the processing at the mill. If that's all you got then that's a pretty good result


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          Thanks everyone, Steve's analysis does seem to make sense. I've remember finding quakers on some of my previous roasts but only recently started checking through the roasted beans after cooling.

          Is there a checklist you guys go through prior roasting?