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Any Pre-roast green inspection tips?

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  • Any Pre-roast green inspection tips?

    Hi guys,

    the other day, I found a few black/partial black beans and some potential sour beans whilst eyeing over the green in small batches in a small bowl pre-roast.

    I'm hoping to find out if anyone has a process/method of checking through the green before roasting.

    Also, is there a way to find a quaker before it goes into the roaster? I tend to only find them post roast.

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    hi Azeworai, I tip my green beans out onto my cooling tray and run the fan for a moment or two, sucks off any dust chaff etc and gives me a chance to look through the sample before it goes into the drum. Im only talking about 1.5kg green, so easy enough to handle logistically. cheers Harv