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Behmor 1600 & CS bean roasting notes

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  • Behmor 1600 & CS bean roasting notes

    If such a thread already exist, could someone point me to it, but if not I'm keen to start a sticky thread on the settings and results people are getting on their behmor with a specific cs bean. Given all the variables involved I think it's useful info to share. Thinking some pre defined fields like
    Cs bean
    Amount roasted
    All roast settings, A, P1, etc
    Times, e.g to Fc to sc, time between, time roast ended
    Result in the cs colour scale
    Result in the cup noting brew method and drink type etc.
    Are there enough people roasting on these machines wanting to share this info?

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    I for one am interested.


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      Considering that there are currently 428 discussions of single origins in the Cup Tasting Room and 365 discussions of blends in the Blending Room, many of which contain the type of information you're talking about, can you imagine how unwieldy a thread would be if you tried to put everybody's roasting notes on every bean in just one thread? You would end up with a thread with no organization to it that would very quickly run into the tens of pages and before long it would be over 100 pages. Finding information on a single bean in such a thread would mean resorting to searching and opening every post in a different tab/window so-as to be able to compare them. Far better to post such profiles in the individual threads specific to each bean/blend where one can quickly scan all the various profiles and notes that people have posted on that particular bean/blend. A perfect use of the the Cup Tasting Room (For Single Origins.) and the Blending Room (For blends.) forums where each thread deals with a specific bean/blend.

      Java "Whoa! Organization! Who would'a thought?!?" phile
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        Too true
        For the OP - I'd start with the cup tasting thread for the exact beans (or similar) you have on hand - if there is no specific Behmor info - post a query
        Cheers Matt