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First ever roast - Behmor 1600 Plus

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  • First ever roast - Behmor 1600 Plus

    My Behmor 1600 Plus arrived early this morning from Chris at Talk Coffee. It was straight to the roasting room (shed) for my first ever roast. I roasted 400g of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe on D with P2 profile. I took a minute off the timer just to ensure I didn't burn the roast. This was Chris' suggestion.

    I have tasted the roast in Aeropress and with my trusty Rocket Giotto (espresso shots and with milk). I've also compared it with the Yirgi of my well respected local roaster called Humblebee in Mount Hawthorn (Perth) that was roasted 5 days ago, with all those methods. Suffice to say, pinging right now!

    A couple of observations:
    1. I did not hear the first crack or any cracks for that matter. I heard some ticking sounds but thought they were just from the roaster. Any advice for what I should be hearing out for?! I was waiting for something quite pronounced but perhaps that's not the case.
    2. The coffee tasted good - I'm not well trained but I did get some citrus and cherry notes as described with Yirgi. The flavour was quite bold compared to Humblebee but I'm wondering if that will change in a few days. It was definitely drinkable which was a nice surprise but not A-Grade and nowhere near as good as the Humblebee Yirgi. Similar flavours though.

    It was a lot of fun and I'll be back in the shed for more tonight! Below is a photo of the roast. There is also a comparison of my Yirgi with Humblebee's Yirgi. You'll see mine is slightly darker. Would love some comments.
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    Sorry all. Didn't appreciate how long this post was when I composed it!


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      Congratulations... it's an addictive hobby!

      I use a drum roaster and first crack is pretty loud sort of like popcorn popping. Second crack is much softer and I think it sounds like rice bubbles when you've just added the milk.


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        Nicely done! I'm also Perth based, and my Behmor 1600 Plus arrived this week
        There's certainly a learning curve, and i've been practicing with 100g batches. Did my first 200g blend today!


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          Thanks bbb. I might try some smaller roasts. Have you been happy with the results?


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            Loving it so far!

            I've had two mishaps where I think they've been taken a little too far past '2C and will probably taste burnt, but tasting them is half the fun.

            If you want some different greens to try, let me know and I'm sure we can swap some for something we each don't have.


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              That's a great idea bbb. I only have Ethiopan Yirgacheffe at the moment. However I was looking at ordering something else. What do you have? Perhaps we could swap a couple of varieties of beans.


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                I've got the following (about 2kg of each left);

                Brazil Yellow Bourbon Especial
                Guatemala Jacaltenango SHB
                Sumatran Mandheling Jade
                Peru Ceja de Selva Estate AAA
                DECAF -Wow!


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                  frasertr- suggest if you are finding it difficult to hear first crack etc. These are significant events when roasting with a Behmor. Try cutting down your mass of green beans to 200g and use P2 ABC or D or use 300g and P2. This should give you enough time to hear start of C1 and rolling C1 and start to get a "feeling for the bean" and the Behmor. My suggestion would be stick to one bean rather than swapping and changing while you are learning and steer clear of 100g lots as things happen way too fast. You can drop back to these small masses when you are way more confident with your Behmor.
                  Enjoy your journey


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                    Awesome advice. Thanks Cicarda. Will definitely follow that so I get a feeling for the beans.


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                      bbb - I've just ordered:

                      Mexico el Triunfo Arabigo
                      India Elephant Hills AA

                      Let me know if you would like to arrange a swap later in the week. Would be great to build supplies.


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                        Sounds great! Would be keen to hear your approach too, I'm just learning the behmor too.

                        Keep me posted


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                          Hi Cicarda we also have a new Behmor but we had the Err7 message come up.The roast did turn out nice but we would like it to be a bit darker.We have our own trees , 300 with more on the way and last year we process about 40 kgs of beans. We roasted 125gms set to 250gms on P2 and A regards Col


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                            If you see an error 7 it means you didn't press the [START] button during the 30 second countdown from un30, un29, un28....

                            If you didn't press [Start] during that period the roaster makes the assumption that you are not there or are too distracted and will turn off the elements and start the cooling process while showing Err7. It's a pretty small burden to hit the [Start] button once during a roast but this simple feature should ensure that it's very difficult to have a bean ignition on an unattended roaster. This is also mentioned in #5 on the Behmor 1600 Plus cheat sheet.

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                              Yep, Err 7 got me yesterday....was too busy staring at the beans with one ear cocked to look at the clock!