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How do I stop my breadmaker from stopping mid roast

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  • How do I stop my breadmaker from stopping mid roast

    I have a Breville bread-maker that, after around 12/15 minutes simply shuts off.
    it begins by rotating once every 2 seconds for five minutes, then continuously for the next 10/15 before shutting diwn. This at all 'open' menu settings. I then need to turn off the machine, turn it back on and of course it reverts to turning once every two seconds again.
    long winded description, my apologies, but I can only think that the machine gets too hot from the heat gun and automatically shuts off. I am techie dumb and was wondering if others come across this and if so, how do they contend with having to start again in the middle of a roast. Or, does anyone have an idea on how to keep it rotating till I decide to stop it. Thanks

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    I had to strip out the electronics and wire the thing directly but put it through a light switch to turn it on and off.

    Mine is a Breville with a long pan and two paddles.

    I found the diagram for it or close to it on the web but it took me awhile to get up the courage to do it. It can be extemely dangerous mucking about with 240 volts.

    If you know a Sparky or such, ask them for some help.

    But mine worked and here I am to tell the tale. I did know a bit about circuits from my youth but was still a bit tentative.


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      Thanks Ravenscroft. I will search out a sparky, don't want to end up looking like my roasts!


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        If your continuous cycle is long enough as it is (check the manual or do a dry run), it might be worth insulating the pan to see if it stops your overheating problem. Some choose to insulated the outside of the breadpan just for more consistent results.

        Not sure where the overheat thermostat is, but it must be getting pretty hot considering it is designed for baking at ~200 degrees! Mine tripped once due to back to back roasts on a hot day, but has been fine otherwise.


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          Burr, thanks for that, good idea and I will insulate. I use a heat gun at max heat level with the lid of the Breville. I have no temp measuring, just go by sight and sound.


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            Hi Graeme
            There is also a little metal heat sensor that attaches to the shroud (not the pan, but the outer casing) which will cut the machine if it gets too hot in there. I undid the screw holding it in place, and tucked it all right away from the pan under the display area etc. But insulating the pan will help too

            But if it is only a 15min cycle - you'll need to rewire it - or hit it twice - or wait for the next council or visit the tip shop cleanup for another machine! My Breville had a 30 minute dough cycle which worked perfectly


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              Thanks Matt, I will search for the heat sensor and insulate. Hoping to not have to search for another machine.


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                Mine had that thing where mine would do that swirl every couple of seconds for a few minutes then kick in for full paddle action for 15 mins on the dough cycle.

                It was always an anxiety filled experience whether I could could get to the end of the roast in time. I somehow always just made it, but now there is no panic involved

                and the mod was rather easy as there was a bit of a walk through with pictures on the home roasters forum. Not sure if I am allowed to say that, but if your sparky needs some help have a look there.
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