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  • Acidity Curve

    Hi all
    Just any observation - has anyone else found that with many beans, the acidity seems to peak at about 7 days? Seems to be milder early on, then increase up to this point, then tail off heading past 10 days… just an interesting development I've been seeing more lately…
    Just me?

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    Yep. Early on it can be hollow/grassy/woody tasting. Then past around ten days it can balance out.


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      That's interesting
      I've found that I tend to get much more of the varietal notes early on (3-5 days post) like the berries / citrus / vanilla with a milder acidity. Then about 7 days the acidity can tend to take over a little. But then if they last to 10 days or so, it smooths out as you mention, losing some of the acidity & varietals, but giving more body & sweetness but also with more caramel/cocoa flavours taking over.
      Hard to know what I like best really!