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    I got 2kg of Bolivia Cafe Familia Montano green beans purchased 2 years ago, since only 2kg there isn't much room for try and error, it would be helpful if someone can tell me whats the right way to roast it cs9 cs 10 or light roast ? , I myself is very must a latte person, few espresso only when there is no milk in the fridge.
    thanks in advance.

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    Roasted a kilo of it three days a ago, I chosen to do a slow roast just want to see how well I can control it as I am used to slow roast, tried it after one day, it is a very yummy coffee, creamy and caramel toffee flavor, even sweeter with milk added. First crack at 193 degree second crack at 217 degree , 1 - 3 degree rise between FC and SC. Wondering where can I get some more of the beans. Someone suggested a fast roast (13 minutes) on this one, I might do that next time but 13 minutes is really short, unloaded before SC, sounds to me not fully roasted .
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