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Ideas on green beans to roast

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  • Ideas on green beans to roast

    Hi All,

    Been starting out home roasting with a popcorn maker and loving it.

    My first set of beans has been Guatemala La pacaya typica which have been great for espresso.

    Just wondering what you would recommend next. I still have some Guatemalan beans left so would be interested in trying a little blending but also try another bean as a single origin.

    Was thinking of a Ethiopian but not sure if gambella or yirgacheffe would be ok. Or would some peru ceja de selva or sumatran mandheling jade be a good start.

    I like milky drinks - espresso style and my wife likes filter coffee.

    Any feedback on a good place to start would be much appreciated.

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    try a blending with robustabeans, if you can get them


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      Hello madaxle,

      For a long time Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has been my favourite. I also like Peru Ceja de Selva and recently have been using Timor Leste Ramelau and China Mt Gaoligong with good results.

      I usually roast them separately and blend post roast.



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        I think it's very helpful to determine what characteristics you like in your espresso.

        Central Americans, your Guatemalans and Costa Ricans tend to have higher levels of acidity. If you like that little sparkle at the edge of your palate at the end of drinking your shot then these will suit you.

        Indonesian beans tend to have heavy, viscous body. If you like mouthfeel and don't mind some funky characteristics (often from the wet hulled processing) then try these. I've had a number of beautiful single origin Sumatrans, I like thick mouthfeel.

        South Americans - Brazil, Colombia - tend to be sweet and friendly. That's why they are often used as the dominant base for espresso blends.

        Having said all of the above, I love African beans. Ethiopians are just amazing as they provide so much variety and the various processing methods delivery so many flavour nuances. Yirgacheffe and Sidamo are my favourite regions although I've had some fantastic Djimma and Harrar. Kenyan coffees can be absolutely amazing with superb mix of currant flavours and wonderful acidity. Yemen, as mentioned here many times, can have huge body and intense flavour characteristics. Great Yemen can also be very subtle, I've had some lovely Yemen that gave apricot characteristics.

        The final thing I'd note is that processing style is something you should look at. I love natural processed coffee as I love the blueberry notes that it provides to Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. I find that washed coffees sometimes are just too clean and perfect for me.

        This topic is huge... have a great journey!


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          Welcome to Coffee Snobs Madaxle.

          Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has been mentioned by a couple of other posters, I tend to agree, it's an easy bean to roast and I've yet to hear of anyone disliking it, certainly one of my favorites.


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            Would you rate Yirgacheffe over gambella. When I check on beanbay they say the gambella is the poor mans Yemen.



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              Tastes and opinions vary enormously, cant comment on Gambella have never tried it.

              Have tried a couple of Yemeni beans and must admit was a tad underwhelmed, not really to my taste.

              I would suggest its time to start buying, trying and form your own opinions.


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                Originally posted by Yelta View Post
                Have tried a couple of Yemeni beans and must admit was a tad underwhelmed, not really to my taste.
                Think it's time to send you some of my Matari Al-Hamdani Yelta


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                  Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                  Think it's time to send you some of my Matari Al-Hamdani Yelta
                  Checked your site and couldn't find them Chris, do you sell green?


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                    'fraid not Yelta.

                    The browns are hiding at present


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                      Fair nuff.