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    Hi All,

    I'm just getting into home espresso and roasting. My first ever shipment of greens from beanbay arrived today (Brazilian Pulped Natural 2.5kg).

    I want to share with you my first ever roast to encourage people who have been thinking about it to have a go and to get any feedback or suggestions you can offer to improve my future roasts.

    I have been looking at getting a behmor 1600 but wanted to be sure that home roasting was for me. After some reading and youtube I bought an Ozito heat gun ($39) from the big green shed and a stainless steel dog bowl from the supermarket ($12). I figured 50 bucks plus some beans is not too bad and will still come in handy if I don't take up roasting. I thought about a popcorn maker but the heat gun seemed to have more control over temperature and a number of other factors.

    Here is how the roast went:

    The Ozito heat gun has two fan speeds and a temperature dial.

    Beans just covered bottom of bowl (single layer depth).

    0 minutes - half heat / half power (first fan setting)

    5 minutes - half heat / full power (second fan setting)

    12 minutes - full heat / full power

    16 minutes - First crack

    16:30 minutes - half heat / full power

    18:30 minutes - full heat / full power

    21:54 - start of SC

    cooling - into stainless strainer and in front of fan while agitating.

    They are at about a CS6 or CS7 I would say. I didn't let SC get rolling because I didn't want to risk burning my first roast. In future batches I will try to get them a little darker and also try a lighter roast and see how they turn out in the cup.

    I let the beans cool to room temperature then bagged them in a one way valve bag. How long do you think I should let them rest?

    Also, I backed the heat off after first crack for two minutes then got worried about stalling so I cranked the heat back up to full. Is it better to keep the heat full on after first crack or was I correct in trying to stretch the time in between FC and SC?

    Any suggestions on things to try? I am happy to experiment and post results.

    I will get to blending later, for now I want to stick with the same beans so I can clearly identify the characteristics imparted by the roast.

    I will post back with tasting results and update with different roast profiles and CS levels.


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    Did another roast today. This time I wanted to get to FC a little sooner but still bring the beans up to temp gracefully.

    This time I used full fan speed whole time.

    0:00 - half heat till 9 minutes in. (at this time a lot of chaff had come off and the beans looked very clean and bare)

    9:00 - full heat till complete. (directly after the heat is dialed up to 100% the beans begin to change colour and you can smell the roasting)

    11:30 - first crack (Once FC stopped rolling I moved the gun a little higher but left the settings on max)

    14:30 - SC started (I lowered the gun at this point to bring on rolling SC)

    15:00 - Rolling Second - I was going on colour at this point and stopped as soon as they looked about a CS 9 or 10.

    Cooled in strainer in front of fan till room temp then bagged in one way valve bag.

    I will be interested to see how the darker roast compares to yesterday's lighter one.

    I feel more confident with the timing and colour of this roast, but I guess we will see in a few days.

    Any suggestions on time to FC ?


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      Hi doubledouble,

      When I first started roasting (in a popper), I would roast only enough for about a week at a time and I'd start tasting the results the next day and sometimes even after a few hours. It's interesting to see how the flavour develops over that time, and can help you to determine when the beans reach their peak. It's a good learning experience.

      I have also used a heat gun in a similar fashion to you, only I used a donut shaped cake mould. What I did was rotate the gun around the ring dipping the nozzle into the bean mass every so often to move them around. I measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer and tried to maintain a steady rate of rise (ROR). I found it best to try and find a rhythm, like 3 laps above and 1 dip for example. Then took note of the ROR against my timer. The more dips the faster the ROR, the less dips the slower.

      Keep doing what your doing, experiment with different roast times and techniques and you will soon find what you like.



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        Tried the first roast today and I'm quite impressed with what you can achieve with the humble heat gun.

        Very smooth and velvety almost like a hot chocolate in milk. Very unoffensive and comforting, if you weren't looking for wild flavours and acidity then this would be a very solid coffee.

        It's the sort of thing you serve to guests without the risk of someone not liking it. I'll see how it develops and then try the darker roast.