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First Experiment With Heat Gun

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  • First Experiment With Heat Gun


    Never tried roasting beans before so want to try a cheaper way first

    I am sick and tired of bitter tasting beans from supermarket.

    I have a Breville 920 expresso machine. What green bean should I order to play with that produces a non bitter, but smooth taste?

    Plan using a stainless steel bowl and heat gun first up.


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    Originally posted by GilR View Post
    I am sick and tired of bitter tasting beans from supermarket.
    G'day Gil...

    Sympathise with you there mate, none of us are too keen on these. Have you thought of trying some of Andy's roasted coffee from BeanBay, or from one of our erstwhile Site Sponsors. Nothing but beautiful beans to choose from there...

    With regard to roasting some yourself, you have a number of excellent choices from BeanBay as well. Any one of these won't be too difficult for a first timer to roast, and the end results of a good batch should be great in the cup...

    Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo
    Indian Elephant Hills AA
    Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
    PNG Wahgi AA
    Uganda Kisoro AA

    All of the above are terrific coffees and easy enough to get great results. The Ugandan coffee adds a little bit of soft spice to the mix, just for something a little different. Have fun mate...



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      Hmmmm, I don't know if you are going to have much success with a heat gun and a stainless bowl. You will need something to turn over the beans constantly to give you and even roast. If you wish to try roasting at home with minimal cost and finishing up with a decent product, I would seriously suggest you buy a popcorn popper. The only thing you need then is a long tin of salmon with the top and bottom removed and you're in business.


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        A Heatgun, Dog-bowl and a wooden spoon works wonders. That's how heaps of people went about it before the Corretto was devised by one of our very own CSers. It works fine so long as you can find a way to mount the Heatgun (or the Dog-bowl), otherwise you need three hands...

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          Thanks guys - going to get Behmor 1600 when Andy has them ready to go