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  • Behmor Handle mod

    Have you noticed how the Behmor door handle partially obscures the viewing window? Such as when your viewing angle is towards the centre of the drum.
    Simple mod: Open the door and inside near the top of the door, see the two screws that secure the handle.
    Unscrew them, remove the handle and flip it so that its legs turn up instead of down.
    Screw the screws back in, being careful not to over-tighten them.
    Now the handle does not obscure the window over a wider range of range of viewing angles into the roaster, such as looking to the centre of the drum.
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    Did that one myself a few months ago and worked quite well!


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      Handle reverse

      Originally posted by zingzing View Post
      Did that one myself a few months ago and worked quite well!
      Did that within minutes of Rxg the unit, what a silly design, Ron


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        Ron - whl I hppy 4u2 us brvs, kbd stks r fre n mk vthg mr rdbl n ls cytc! TLA's r pty bd 2.

        Great tip to share gahobbsau

        There is an interesting story about "that" handle. In the USA, ETL (the USA Australian Standards equivalent) are happy with the below handle on the USA model roaster. It's a solid, small "D" shape, doesn't obscure the window, is strong and easy to use (see picture below) grabbing it with the side of your index finger and thumb.

        The European C-Tick and the Australian Standards said that the chance of burning your fingers was too high so required the "big dee" handle... which in my opinion is guaranteed to burn your knuckles if you put your hand in it. So the punchline is... it's not our choice, it's not the factory choice and it certainly wasn't Behmor Ltd's choice to have this silly handle on the 220v/240v roasters but to get them approved for sale in this country we needed it!

        I have to say, Mr Behm is constantly dealing with those sorts of issues behind the scenes and with half a dozen different certification bodies and finding the happy spot in the middle is often very hard, totally frustrating and damn expensive in re-tooling too. Sometimes they change the boundaries mid-game which is even worse.