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roasting raw beans twice

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  • roasting raw beans twice

    I was roasting a kg of Kenya Lena Peaberry this morning but before it got to first crack I had to unload it because there was unusually too much smoke, just on the safe side I stopped everything to check for cause of the problem, I roasted the same beans half a dozen of times before no such thing happened in the past. I noticed I forgot to move the load lever back to close position during that roast but anyway I roast another kg of the same beans and all back to normal, now my question is can I/ how to re roast the unfinished 1 kg beans again ? Thanks

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    Stock answer is no. But what have you got to loose? Toss 'em in for another go and see how they taste!

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      Double roasting is a technique that apparently is used.

      Re-roasting under-roasted beans -


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        Originally posted by kwantfm View Post
        Double roasting is a technique that apparently is used.... dodgy bros. inc