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Behmor Upgrade Danger

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  • Behmor Upgrade Danger

    Hi All
    Thought I should make potential Behmor upgraders aware of potential of "cooking" their roaster, as I have done.

    I think of myself as reasonable technically proficient and thought this upgrade would be a doddle after watching appropriate videos.
    All went well pulling the machine down and then putting in the new panel and putting the machine back together-WRONG!

    When plugged in and turned on motor started, interior light turned on, lights on panel came on. I thought it was doing some sort of "pre-flight" check.
    Next thing electrical smoke/smell and lights out.

    After tears, swearing and cooling off (me not the machine) I went back and had a look. I had managed to plug the small connector, not into where it should have gone, but into another "compatible" two pin socket where the fan plugs in. My roaster did not have a fan as in the video I watched.

    The main board now appears damaged as when the panel is plugged in correctly I get motor working, lights and no control.

    Totally my fault for being careless in not following the steps I took in dismantling in reverse order, but beware there are two options where you could plug in the small connector.

    Now to decide fix or replace as I have had many kilos of great coffee produced by the Behmor.

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    sorry to read.

    as to replace or repair, suppose it depends on repair costs. They arent a very expensive roaster, so may be better off just purchasing a new one


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      Have you tried plugging in you old panel to see if that still works.

      If it makes you feel any better I did the same thing and found that it is the IC of the Behmor+ panel that let the smoke out and the old panel still works fine.

      There are better ways of spending $60 though.


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        Thanks Dan, I'll give the old panel a whirl. I was thinking the problem would be on the main board. Your right about the $60, an expensive puff of smoke!


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          the price of a new main board is <$30 so cheaper to replace this if it is faulty. Many more leads to plug in though.


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            Hi All

            Thanks for info supplied.
            I've had a look at the new panel and sure enough the IC was "roasted" as Dan suggested. I hooked up the old panel and "normal service resumed" )

            Now to decide if I want to try that upgrade again, might have to wait until the bruises fade from kicking myself in the butt.