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Venezuela San Cristobal- tips and tricks

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  • Venezuela San Cristobal- tips and tricks

    Ola mi coffee amigos!!!
    I have recently started roasting some sweet San Cristobal in the behmor.
    I have been getting some great crema, and good flavour. But occasionally the taste has been bitter and not so bueno.
    I use the P2 setting on the behmor, and let it just start a second crack before starting its cooling cycle.
    If anyone else has roasted the San Cristobal and has any tips on harnessing its magical powers please let me know.
    ie, what program setting is best, how long to let it rest, how dark a roast is ideal etc.

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    I love this coffee! How long are you waiting before drinking? Also when you say that occasionally it tastes bitter, is that from the same batch or different batches? Have you played around with your grind settings when you get a "bitter" flavour? Is the 2C a rolling 2C or just at the 2nd cracks? Maybe try pull it a little earlier.

    There are a lot of variables so trial and error will help and only changing 1 variable at a time will help you know what works and what doesn't.


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      Only recently got this coffee, oh my... Becoming one of my favourites. I only roasted one batch on 4C, cool just into the second. It was sitting on the bench for about 7-10 days before I had the chance to use it. I was blown away by the aroma just off the grinder, espresso, milk, works in everything. Evenmade some sweet turkish with it.