Hi, just finished a homebrew coffee roaster out of a turbo oven, flowerpot and a few bits and pieces. First few roasts struggled to get to correct temperature, a bit of Al foil lining for the pot solved that (also sealed the rim as well), now no trouble getting to first crack in 6 mins on full power, backed it off for later roasts.
Need now to have some idea of the temperature I am roasting at, so was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I could place the thermocouple from CS in the colander so that it isn't destroyed by the rotating arms. Not sure how tough the probe is to have the beans flowing over it, maybe if it was pointing in the same direction as the bean flow.

Here are some links to a dropbox a/c with some pics. Couldn't work out how to insert into this post.


Any help would be most welcome.