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First decaf roast question

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  • First decaf roast question

    Hi all,
    Ive used a popcorn popper several times on regular beans and while I don't have it 'mastered' I feel I have the overall process down pat. However, I roasted some decaf a few days ago and when I barely heard any 1st crack I was too afraid to burn them and ejected them at about 5 mins instead of 7.5 mins for regular. After 2 days I tried pulling some shots but the result was 10 second, uber sour shots, even after maxing out the grinder. Is this a common symptom of UNDER-ROASTED beans? They certainly are a light brown, almost grey colour. And smell maybe a little 'green'?
    your knowledge and tips would be appreciated.

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    Hi Ben
    Sounds like under-roasted. I've not roasted decaf, but from all accounts they do roast a little differently, but still require the same basic time and drop temps.
    So maybe you'll need to look at your usual 1C time if there is little 1C warning to then drop your temp, then push through to 2C. BTW - they do end up looking darker at the same drop temp as their 'corresponding' native beans apparently, so simply push on to the the start of 2C
    All the best!
    Cheers Matt


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      Thanks Matt. Yes from my reading too they can appear more dark but I think I chickened out and pulled them out too early. I'll have another go with more regular numbers and see how it ends up.



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        Hey Ben,

        You definitely need to roast by profile/temperature as decaf tends to darken up a lot more than normal beans. If you look at Andy's notes for Decaf Wow in bean bay, he states the following "Roast by temperature, not colour to just before second crack for best results."

        Cheers, Dave