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Behmor 1600 Plus and a power cut

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  • Behmor 1600 Plus and a power cut

    I started roasting with the Behmor at the end March 2015. All went well - 4 x 100 g roasts and the results of the last 3 were better than popper roasting! I then continued to practise using 200 g loads of Ethiopian, Chiang Mai and the Elephant Hills beans.

    On to yesterday roasting 200 g Ethiopian Sidamo. This went well and I thought I would do another 100 g in order to fill the storage bag. After first crack I timed it a little over and had to hit COOL when 2nd crack started - then nothing. The machine went quiet. The beans continued to pop. Smoke appeared. I checked around - yes, we had a power cut.

    After a minor panic and watching the smoke for more than a few seconds there was much popping but no evidence of flames - so I opened the door and fanned some cooler air in (with a newspaper!). Popping gradually slowed and as things seemed to be cooling I removed the drum - carefully as things were rather hot. When the power came back on after 15 mins or so I plugged the Behmor in and hit COOL to reduce the heat in the still hot roaster. Things seem OK this morning and I have just performed a dry roast to remove oils probably left by the overheating session yesterday before starting a new roasting day.

    I am interested to know how others would have handled this.

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    short of using an UPS there really not much you can do.

    its also a bit on an issue if you hit the cool button instead of the start button when the display blinks , once the cooling cycle starts you cannot roast again until it does a full cool. meaning i have had to manually finish off a batch in a popcorn popper before.


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      Depending on how far the roast was in, you may have lost $3 worth of beans. Big deal?
      As long as the machine is fine, which it sounds like it is. Then you're good as gold! It could have been a lot worse


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        Try the beans anyway! They will probably be awesome for filter