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  • New to the art of roasting,

    Gday guys,

    You have probably had so many new posts on here asking about different methods and different ideas on how to start with roasting green beans at home, Im no different to anybody else, I need some advice, tips tricks or even encouragenment, I have been learning using a brazil bean and popcorn maker, but today I picked up some new green beans and have been having a great time playing around with the different beans, times, temps and sounds, Are there any seasoned vetrans out there willing to share a few words of wisdom?

    Chat soon,
    Cheers H.

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    There is plenty of information both on this forum, as well as a number of others based in Oz and abroad, including on how to start with a popper. I suggest searching through the forums and then ask specific questions which people will probably find much easier to answer and provide recommendations to.

    If you prefer a less scattered approach then a good basic book to kickstart your roasting education & journey is "Home Coffee Roasting - Romance & Revival" by Kenneth Davids. It's available via Amazon.

    Some advice on these forums can get quite technical so it's nice to get a handle on the basics in a succinct way first, otherwise you can be put off by the technicalities as well as sometimes conflicting advice. Its not rocket science unless you choose to make it so. However expect to make mistakes, and keep good notes so you can learn from both your sucesses and failures.

    it requires a fair apprenticeship to get decent roasts with consistency, but much of what you produce will still be better than what you get in many cafés, not to mention your own sense of achievement.

    As you switch to different roasting methods you will also need to go through a new learning curve for each roaster type. e.g. Air (popper) roasting is quite different to drum style roasting in both the method & outcomes.

    Andy, the owner of this forum also provides an excellent selection of well priced green beans as well as various useful roasting paraphernalia via the BeanBay site.

    Have fun.