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How to roast Ethiopia Biftu Gesha Sundried in a Behmor?

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  • How to roast Ethiopia Biftu Gesha Sundried in a Behmor?

    Originally posted by Dimal View Post
    All I can say about these beans, is WOW!

    What a terrific find Andy. Everything you described to a tee and talk about a huge berry aroma (blueberry for me). An absolute beauty...

    Just purchased Ethiopia Biftu Gesha Sundried and was hoping people can share the settings they are using to roast this bean in the Behmor Plus.

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    G'day mate...

    I can't help you based on experience with the Behmor and the Ethiopia Biftu Gesha, as this bean wasn't around when I had the Behmor.

    Probably the best thing I could propose, is to experiment a bit with small batches, to see if you can replicate a profile that is similar to the one below, that I use in my Corretto these days. I know that they are completely different roasters, but a controlled gentle ramp up towards 1st-Crack and then a more gradual ramp between 1st and 2nd just to the edge of the first few snaps of 2nd-Crack would be what I would suggest. Really worked like a charm for me...

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi vdell,

      This one took me a while.

      I have found using P3 and finishing just after first crack has given the best flavour development. This increased the drying time, but added enough heat to roll nicely through 1st crack. I have tried various quantities on P3, but in terms of volume the one that cups best is 115g beans on 100g. With the increase in volume in the drum (200g and 400g) the drying time seems to increase significantly and starts to give a papery/cardboardy type of flavour as it cools. At larger volumes it was harder to get a nice rolling 1st crack and you have to watch the heat.