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Behmor troubleshooting: Why is my multimeter spiking in temperature?

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  • Behmor troubleshooting: Why is my multimeter spiking in temperature?

    Hi CSers;

    I've installed a Roast Monitor Kit bought through CS into my Behmor 1600 Plus. When roasting, the multimeter spikes the reading and jumps from ~200 degrees celcius to about 370 degrees celcius. Any hints as to why this is happening? See the screen-shot attached to see what happened.

    Click image for larger version

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    It seems strange that you get the recorded temperature to 235C let alone 300+

    Where is the probe installed (as per the CS site?)?

    Is the multimeter itself registering these temps (or just the software)?


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      Thank you for the super quick reply!
      1) The SS probe is installed almost exactly where the CS site asks you to insert it.
      2) The multimeter is showing the exact temperature that the Roast Monitor software is showing - maybe it's my multimeter that is playing up?

      3) 235C - thats how I roast pork crackling.... at least I got to first crack..... (enough of the dad jokes..)


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        235 may well be what the bean mass gets to, but not typically what a probe inserted in a Behmor in the spot you indicate will reach.

        I notice that the minimum temperature is nearly 28C. Is that likely to be correct at this time of year (do you super heat you house)?

        I guess you could try one of the other probes that come with the multimeter and check that they each sit at the same ambient temperature.


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          The 28 degrees came from leaving the Behmor light on for about 15minutes before roasting (the light may have heated the thermometer) - ambient temperature in the garage was around 3C.

          I'll give the bendy probe a go and see if they both record the same ambient temp. Stay tuned!


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            I've never seen anything like that.

            What are the batteries like?
            (tried another set?)


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              Haven't seen anything that replicates that chart trace either...

              The only aberration I have noticed a couple of times, is when my t/couple starts to cause the odd glitch (image below) but it is nothing like that which you're experiencing...