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FYI: Emergency or stop gap home roasting method

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  • FYI: Emergency or stop gap home roasting method


    As my long serving corretto decided to spontaneously combust I'm midway through replacing it with a KKTO. However while I construct this vaunted piece of engineering smarts the horrible realisation that one's existing roasted coffee will soon run out!

    I was able to complete my interrupted roast by dumping the 1/2 way done beans into a cast iron pot and directly applying the heat gun whilst stirring by hand. Now while it still tastes reasonable in the cup it was easily the most butt ugly roast I've ever done and had scorching and tipping galore on the beans - MUCH more really high heat was required and it was an unpleasant stressful experience.

    After the initial panic of this passed I began looking for some simple methodologies capable of giving me a serviceable roast to tie me over and came across this little article:
    For Better Home-Roasted Coffee, Use a Two-Stage Approach

    After reading a few related articles it seems the recommended methodology is to spread the beans thinly on a baking tray or similar. Place in an oven preheated at 190-200 celcius for 20mins. Now that should get the beans to the edge of 1C. You can stir them a tiny bit if you like but it's optional (I'd avoid doing so as I don't want to change the oven temp nor get chaff coming off inside!).

    You then preheat a wok (which is what I'll be using) or large skillet so that the surface is around 220-230 celcius - keep it stable at this temp setting. Quickly take the beans from the oven and dump into your work/skillet and toss or stir to prevent scorching.

    1C should come on pretty quickly, chaff should start coming off and then in due course the roast will progress etc - I'll assume folks know when and where to get off and cool their beans.

    NOW PLEASE NOTE I ONLY POST THIS METHODOLOGY UP as an emergency/stop gap method and it's going to be best for folks that have access to an outdoor gas burner (which I luckily do) etc - as while it's in the oven you won't get too much smoke or chaff - BUT in the work/skillet it will go through 1c & if needed 2C and you'll get quite the mess happening then - so if you do inside BE AWARE OF THIS.

    Like I said it's really only posted up as a stop-gap solution (which is what it is for me) or perhaps a short term option for folks who want to dip their toes in the water of roasting but don't want to buy special gear etc.

    Cheers, Nick

    PS I've not tried this yet BUT when I do my first roast via it I'll post up some pix.

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    What about finding a goodwill or second hand store for a good old air popcorn popper? Cheap easy reasonable roast.


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      Originally posted by drothra View Post
      What about finding a goodwill or second hand store for a good old air popcorn popper? Cheap easy reasonable roast.
      FWIW I ended up using my uncompleted KKTO, just moving the beans around manually.

      The above methodology wasn't listed because it was felt to be the best option for everyone but merely as AN option for folks in certain situations, as most folks have head of roasting it in a wok/pan - but the results are pretty grim. That said I wasn't aware that a 2 step process apparently...and I say apparently works pretty well.

      So discussions of a popper etc are a tad moot only as it's not a 'whats best' discussion - I meant it only as I 'be aware this might be a handy option' for folks. :-)