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CS Roasters Session Brisbane / SEQ

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  • CS Roasters Session Brisbane / SEQ

    In a recent post in ' Coffee Related' thread there was a great by K&L.
    The suggestion was a meet up / share ideas about Home Roasting.

    Well I went along to a CoffeeSnobs shot /cupping / tasting session some years ago.
    Just set up by members here in Brisbane - it was really a Great meeting of like minded enthusiasts.

    Sadly some of those are no longer active on the site.
    Such as A_M, Gary of Gala etc. Gone but not forgotten !

    Without taking over there idea / thread - and I don't know where M&L reside, but who else would be interested ?

    Roasting Enthusiasts Day Session
    Brisbane / Gold Coast / SEQ
    Suggested Date - ? (Third Saturday of September??, no day finals in footy, no kids footy etc.)

    ** is there a kind hearted sponsor /commercial site, centrally located that would be happy to host a meeting of
    Coffee devoted minds ? Envisage 4/6 hours at most would be required.

    Attendees - ( list your interest by posting below / pm )
    1/ EspressoAdventurer

    I would envisage every attendee brings along -
    Recent roast sample(s)
    Sample green beans
    Cups spoons etc as required.

    Some attendees would offer to bring
    Roaster / kit
    Espresso machine / grinder

    Any way its out there now - see what interest develops from here


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    Wish I could make it - a little too far for me right now.


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      If you did then I'd have someone to talk too !!


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        If you're passing through Hervey Bay please send me a message and you can try some of my coffee [emoji2]