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Roasted beans becoming lighter in colour over time.

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  • Roasted beans becoming lighter in colour over time.

    Okay, I guess I'm a bit technologically backward as I can't work out how to simply post a question on CS so I'll just try and add one here & see if any kind hearted member can politely tell me why I'm an idiot & what I should have done! That said here's my question with slight preamble: I've recently started roasting with the Behmor & I've modified it by drilling the basket & casing and installed a thermocouple within a brass sleeve into the bean mass. I've also disconnected the afterburner for better cooling. Very happy with how it's going but I was wondering if anyone else had observed the roasted beans becoming lighter in colour over time. I usually allow a week before drinking and in that time (and especially into the 2nd week) the beans are at least 1 and probably 2 or more shades lighter than they were just after roasting. Any similar experience or theorys as to why?

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    At the top of the list of the threads in each forum there is a green button labeled "+Post New Thread" that you click on to start a new thread.

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      Thanks Javaphile. I see it now.